Need help!!! My white rock chicks are dying.


Apr 27, 2015
I am new to raising chickens and thought it would be a good idea to try some meat birds. I have 30 white rocks that are 2 weeks old and all of a sudden I've lost 4 in the last two days. Some of the others seem to just hold their head up and almost looks like they are gasping for air. And they seem awkward when they walk. Always stretching their legs out. I've done a lot of reading and as far as I can tell I've been doing everything right?
You should ask on the Meat Bird forum. Raising Cornish X chicks is much different than raising other breeds. Heart and leg issues are common.

What kind of accommodations are they in? What are you feeding them? Do they have access to food 24 hours or have you started restricting feed?
I have them in a brooder with softwood bedding. They have lots of room to escape the heat lamp but only leave it to get food or water. I have put a thermometer under it several times and it's about 95 degrees but they still seem to pile right up on top of each other. I am feeding them chick starter and I leave the feed there all day. Did not realize I should be restricting their feed? They are jus two weeks today and was just reading that I should be changing to grower at 2 weeks?
Cornishx chicks are tricky to raise, and usually all will not survive even to eight weeks of age. They grow so fast that they tend to need lower ambient temperatures sooner than other chicks, and they are less likely to get up and move to a better location on their own. Also, it's easier to cause heart failure if they get electrolytes in the water, especially if overdone and too long. Most such products are salt, and cause more fluid retention. Mary

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