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  1. I need help, please!I might be getting a incubator and I have a few questions, I don't know what kind of incubator to get, some thing like this?
    Or one were ou can lay your eggs down, like a Brinsea?I would get a Brinsea, but they are $220 on amazon!Im not spending that much!And I don't want one like a stiro foame.
    Also, if I get a Incubator were the eggs stand up, how do I turn them?Up and down, like, pointy end up, then fat end down, da da da?Or do I turn them in like a circle?
    What day should I start candling?7 or 10?

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    You don't want one like the one you linked, they are cheap pieces of plastic and they suck. Brinsea is way better than those and if you were just looking to hatch a small number of eggs like the one you showed, then you'd only need the mini, which is $99 if you go with the Eco and not the Digital. You don't really need the digital. Both of my Brinseas are Eco and I've never once wished I bought the Digital.

    Or you could spend a little more money and get a bigger incubator, like the Incuview, which is digital and holds more eggs.

    Unfortunately you're just not going to find a good, reliable incubator with everything included for less than $100.

    Another option is to make one yourself, which may save you some money.
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  3. Thank Pyxis.But I had a lot of help on:EDUCATIONAL INCUBATING & HATCHING w/ Sally Sunshine.Hosts, BantChooks and more!
    And I will be making my own
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