need help to persuade mum on bantams

bantams more work. Yes or no?

  • no don't get bantams It would be more work

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  • you should get 2, 3 or 4 bantams. That way you both get what you want

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  • yes you can get bantams, It will be a bit more work but not by a ton if your already taking care of

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7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
My mum say's I should wait another year to get bantams because I want to get some d'uccles. The thing is I'm getting 5 LF and I don't think that adding some bantams will not make that much of a difference but she gets mad and says it will just double my work. I think that if I'm taking care of 5 birds already that adding 5 bantams will not be a TON more work if I'm already taking care of a batch of chickens.

You don't have to reply but I will put up a poll
Adding 5 more chicks will definitaly add somemore work to you, even if they are bantams. How much more work? It depends. You will need a big enough brooder, and you need a spot for them once they are grown.

Will it be better doing one batch of chicks and not having to do another batch next year? That is up to you and if you want another excuse to get more chicks next year (

At the end of the day, so long as you live underneath your mothers roof, you do have to follow her rules.
Yes I understand... the good thing is we have more than enough space for 15 birds so the space isn't an issue

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