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I have 4 feed store type birds right now. Welsummer, EE, Production RIR, and Black Sex Link. I want to add some prettier birds to my flock. I have the space for a few more. I have some breeds picked out and would like opinions on which are most likely to cause trouble by flying over walls. We have a 5-6ft block wall that surrounds our backyard. The chickens I have now stay on the grass side of the yard which has 20ft tall bushes along the wall but there are sections that don't have the bushes that flighty birds could get over if they wanted to fly up 5-6ft. Production is not an issue. It's only my bf and I here and having 4 production birds already we should be fine with egg numbers. We have people to give extras to but I mainly just want birds that are pretty and fun to watch.
Here's my list. All opinions are welcome to which breeds I may have issues with.

Large foul-
Polish- have read mixed things about their flightiness
Speckled Sussex- have read that they can be escape artists which would be bad.


I've already removed d'Uccle and leghorns from my list because I read that they are flighty

Thanks for any help you can give.
I think a lot of it depends on how you raise them but in my opinion silkies and cochins are the least flighty. I haven't had any orpingtons but a lot of people own them so I would assume they're a good bird. I hope you find what you're looking for.
I have Brahmas. They are a nice big chicken and when grown won't be able to fly over walls. They are also pretty easy going and friendly.
Thanks. They'd be confined to the run until they're the size of my older birds. The 4 I have now will only fly over a 2ft high gate if I chase them over it with the hose and even then they prefer to try to squeeze through the holes in it. I put it up to keep them from wandering onto the patio and pooping all over it. It seems to deter them enough that I only have to chase them back over the gate a couple times a week instead of several time a day. I don't know if it's the breeds they are or how I raised them but they just never fly or jump up on things. They have 2 roost bars in the coop one at 2 ft and one and 4ft and they make it up on the high one every night without issue.
My polish stick closest to the run of all my birds when I let them range, really the only time they fly is when something scares them and they go straight up about two to three feet and fly in a semicircle. The cockeral has a hard time getting to the upper roosts seems he needs a step up, won't attempt flight, but the little hen gets around better, a little bit... I think they would do fine by themselves in a large run and not care if I opened the door to let them out, the others rush me. Did read here that larger birds tend to fly less high, so a four ft fence should hold full grown orpington, my buffs are least pretty of my mixed flock, but they are the friendliest, or boldest so easy to hand feed. Personality is as interesting to watch as beautiful feathers.
My polish are flighty because they are a smaller bird. Buff orps are too big to fly too high once they are full grown. Really you can get ANY bird you want and just clip a wing. It is simple and you only need to do the right wings (or left but be consistent). There are videos on youtube that show you how. If this doesn't sound like something you want to do then get a heavy bird. Orpingtons, jersey giants, ect
Generally the largest breeds are the least flighty and most calm.

Of those you listed, Brahma, Cochin, and Orpington would serve your needs. Cochins come in many colors, and Brahmas come in several colors. It seems difficult to find anything but Buff Orpingtons in the United States.
I think it also depends on the individual chicken because I know if I let my welsummer roam the garden unsupervised she would be off over the fence haha!

I love my faverolles. One will jump from the floor onto my arm (about 3ft) but never seen them jump any higher than that, they have never showed any interest in trying to jump the fence when I let them out. They do like to jump from one thing to another though so I wouldn't put anything near the fences that they could jump onto to get onto the fence. Saying that though they are young and more hyper at the moment so will probably be much calmer when they've matured and start laying :)

I love orpingtons too - I had a bantam orp and the highest she would jump was onto her perch at night which was about a foot off the floor. She was very placid and so so lovely.
Thanks so much everyone.

I'm definitely going to take everyone's opinions into making my decision.

I'm not a big fan of the buff orps but think the blue and splash are beautiful. There's a young man who breeds beautiful blue and splash orphingtons in my area. He also has blue Ameraucanas he's been perfecting egg color from and they lay a perfect blue and I'd love one of those if my EE lays something other than blue (she's 19 weeks now). I had been in contact with his mother in the past about getting one. I don't think they sell chicks though and since my current chickens aren't vaccinated for marek's I'm weary about bringing in already started pullets.

There's just too many awesome breeds and I need a bigger yard.
I have 6 Buff Orpingtons and they are absolutely delightful! I like their large size as well. Sweet birds ;) I had two silver laced wyndottes and they were beautiful girls, more on the quiet side. I also just got some silkies and they are so cute and docile! Silkies can't fly so you won't have to worry about them getting out. I do have three white leghorns as well - we trimmed their wings a few times and they don't try to fly anymore. But I do know they can be flighty. But they have great personality. Good Luck with your decision!! HAHA. I want them all :) Chicken math right?!??!

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