Need repurpose help~


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Benson, NC
What can I repurpose to build a little broody hen coop for 1 hen who is currently sitting and will hatch ANY DAY! Help! can be temporary. Any ideas??
Hmmm a little more info about where she is now? Is she in coop with other hens, do you want to leave her in there, but seperated? or remove her entirely?
A large dog crate would be the easiest if you have one or could borrow one.
Currently she is in the big coop with 20 other hens and roos. I want to seperate her so the chicks will be safe. I am afraid for them to hatch with ALL those others around...not sure what they might right now...I am looking for any ideas. I don't have a dog crate. I have a dog house but would hate to shut her up in there...I have old scraps laying around....guess I am just looking for ideas...hmmm...tubs? I don't know...
I use an old igloo dog house on the ground.
That way the chicks can get in and out easy.
I have it in a 5x5 predator resistant pen until the chicks are a few weeks old.
More ideas.. wire shelving used 'fence off' area of coop with something else for a top to keep others out. Nest area can be anything from tote on its side to cardboard box. If you have a section of leftover wire can you put in some screw eyes, or cup hooks, and zip tie some fencing to it to section off a small part of the coop? If you want them out of the coop, then small dog house type structure can be used as a temporary coop with some sort of fencing. You could even place that in the main run, and section off a small area for the broody and chicks. Chicken wire would be enough to separate broody and rest of flock.

hmmm will think some more...

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