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    I live in a small rural neighborhood...everyone has between 1.5 acres and 2.5 acres. I am not in a subdivision we are just county property. Anyway my neighbors had her dogs on an underground fence. They got out and attacked her neighbors dog, so now both of her dogs are on chains. They bark, whine and howl ALL DAY! It has been a couple of weeks now and it is driving me INSANE. We are friendly with the neighbors so I don't want to get into a fight about this but they are not doing anything to stop the barking. They are home and know the dogs are barking but I guess they are better at ignoring it than I am. I thought about calling my neighbor and letting her know it is bothering me. My husband says that because we are in the county and not in a subdivision if our neighbor decides not to do anything, there is nothing we can do. Does anyone know if this true? Can a person in the country just let their dogs bark all day? Any suggestions on handling this without starting a war are appreciated.
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  2. No, just being in the country does not mean that someone can be a nuisance. While some agricultural noise is acceptable, constant barking is probably not allowed. Call your county and find out what the law is in your area.
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    If you say they are friendly neighbors, why wouldn't you call them or stop by and talk about it. Unless they are idiots, they know that you can hear it all day long. If you don't say anything, it will just fester until it is a bigger problem.

    Don't let the first phone call or visit include any talk of "the law".

    After that, you'll know what to do.

    Good luck.

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    I wouldn't say anything...she did the right thing by making sure her dogs cant get off the property again..
    Not sure what else you would expect her to do?.
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    I had no qualms about speaking to my neighbor after they left their dog in an outdoor pen one weekend and she barked day and night for a weekend. And we have larger parcels than you, but they are very narrow. Just approach them directly and say that you are not sure if they can hear it from inside their house, but the dogs can easily be heard at your place, and that it is becoming hard to tolerate.
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    I agree, I'd talk to them. they probably don't realize it bugs you.
  7. You could write a polite letter about how you feel, and put it in her mailbox. Make sure she knows who it's from though... our neighbor did that when we had to have our dog on a chain because we didn't have our in-ground fence in yet. Coming from the annoying neighbors side, it's nice to know if your pets are bothering the neighbors so that you can try do fix it... she should understand.
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    I would go into it as a conversation rather than an accusation. Ask her how the dog situation is going since the incident and what her plan is. See if she has one. If she seems fine with the status quo then let her know your concerns.
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    I had to do the same thing 10 years ago. Both my husband and I spoke to them on two separate occasions with negative response. Which surprised us. We thought we would get some consideration. They felt they could not do anything. I believe compromise is always an option. We ended up filing a complaint with the county. Judgement went our way, but resulted in angry neighbors. Very sad. Legally, you must try to speak to the neighbors first before anything. Please do not write a letter. They can be misunderstood. I suggest finding a compromise of what hours you think would be best for the dog to be left in the kennel outside. They will bark now that they are confined. Offer to walk them 1-2x a week?(i offered this). Is there a yard away from your house they can be confined? Put into the garage? Offer to help pay for fence, bark collar, etc??? You know your neighbors best. This is a hard thing to do, but you need to do it. Otherwise you will become resentful one way or another.
  10. redhen

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    HA!!! Now that would work..offer to pay for a fence for them! They cant complain about that.. :lol:

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