Need some help! Never had a goose hatch before!!!

waterfowl rocks

5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Hello, I have a pair of American buff geese that hatched their first gosling and I was wondering if I could do anything to help them? They are 4, and very excited! Here i go. Does the gosling need a place to swim, can they free range with him, he is two day old and don't walk hardly at all is that normal, he's in a 16x6 1/2 pen that has only had one bird in it ever, and that was months ago, will he find his own food or do I need to feed him? Thanks!!


May 22, 2015
What I do with my goslings is give them a small pan of water and I go to the feed store and buy them dumor grower it will have a duckling and a chick on it. If the goslings are running around and are alert, I would let them free range but bring them up at night if you can. And also watch out for predators. Other than that I think you are ok. Just make sure the parents and the babies and can get to a source of food and water

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