Need to recover password and says to contact administrator :(

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  1. calichicken

    calichicken Crowing

    I do not remember my password(I had my computer set to automatic log in until I did computer updates today [​IMG]) Can you please email me my password? Thanks!
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
  3. calichicken

    calichicken Crowing

    When I tried it gave me this message:
    Please contact an administrator for assistance, using the feedback form below. There are problems with your email address: you have blocked email from this domain
    But I can not see anywhere on my email where I have blocked email from the site nor a way to unblock it?
    Right now I am accessing the site through an old post notification on my email
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  4. It's likely means that your email has been blocked by the site not the other way around...

    Many sites block free email providers or known email providers that spammers use to avoid spammers getting on the forums....
  5. calichicken

    calichicken Crowing

    Oh no! It is an account...does that mean I can't use the email for this site? And how would I go about changing my email without creating a brand new account? Would be such a bummer if I could not be a part of this site because of my email account being blocked for no apparent reason :(
  6. It's not my site, so I can't give you exact answers on why your email is being block...

    Looking over the error again I suspect at one point either AOL (in their broad nondiscriminatory spam net) or you marked emails from this site as 'SPAM' and now your emails are getting bounced back/returned as undeliverable when the forum tries to email you... This isn't uncommon...

    I'm sure the owner/staff of the site will let you know what is up, and I doubt you will get kicked out over it, they have the power to fix it and even make exceptions if they want ;)
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  7. calichicken

    calichicken Crowing

    WHEW!! I hope so because I love this site!!!! I did check my spam folder to see if the site is flagged and it doesn't come up...but then I am not exactly the best at figuring out technical issues! Thanks so much for your help [​IMG] Hopefully a site admin will be able to help me out [​IMG]
  8. Nifty-Chicken

    Nifty-Chicken Administrator

    You get that error when our servers try to send you an email and it bounces back and/or has been marked as spam by you or your internet / email provider.

    You can try adding support @ BYC to your email address book, but that's not guaranteed to make a difference. Your best options are to try to get them to "whitelist" BYC so our emails can get through or try a different email provider.

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