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    Aug 29, 2007
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    I guess this is more of a vent- I can not actually think of anything to do that I feel ethical about

    We have these neighbors (that I don't like for a lot of reasons) who moved in and brought a big male cat with them. He roams and comes over our fence into our yard A LOT.

    he has attacked and hurt my ducks, my chickens- but not been able to kill one YET- I am sure he will if he gets the chance. I just got my serama banties today, so I know he could easily kill one of those the first pounce he gets-- they are in a covered run right now in transition, but I had hoped to let them free range the whole fenced yard with the rest of the flock- but now I am not so sure...

    I have been sicking the dog on the cat, and have been running it off myself.

    my dad say I goofed here because now I will never be able to actually catch the d*(^ thing

    but here is the dilemma -we have a cat! Our cat we have had for nine years now and we adore him, he is fine with my birds, but I don't really have a leg to stand on complaining about their cat, when we also have a cat. Our cat does go out, but does not roam or hurt other people's pets eigther

    Twice their d(&&( cat has gotten into fights with my cat *and having worked at a vet's office, I know what damage cats can do to eachother in fights)-- I am glad my dog and cat are trying to keep the blasted thing out of my yard- but it is still not enough - my cat is inside 90% of the time, as well as my dog, they just go out when we are outside- but the birds are out all day

    I know that since they are allowing their cat to roam, I do have every right to get animal control involved.... BUT .... I am on a real slippery hill with that considering again-- my cat --and of corse I have urban chickens

    plus I would worry what retaliation I would see - again, we are not happy to have them moved into our neighborhood, all my other neighbors are such nice, sweet people that I trust and could just have a regular ole conversation with- but these people are not like that is the nicest way I can think to say it (lots of other things i would want to say)

    but but but
    I joke about going Mel Brooks on the cat if I ever got my hands on it ( I know I couldn't /wouldn't) BUT I honestly do not know how to keep it from jumping my fence and stalking my birds

    the only thing I can think-- the cats jump over the small wooden section of my fence, not the majority of it that is chain link-- I wonder if I could do something to that small wooden section- maybe put something along the top??? to keep the cats from jumping over it??? hmmm- that is the only section of the fence the cat uses to come in and out of my yard... any ideas???

    thanks for listening and offering any suggestions
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    Aug 12, 2009
    You can do a barrier like this:

    I would rather get rid of the cat. I have cats too and they are in my fenced yard. I know if they leave the yard they can get killed or disappear. I recently had one cat in my yard and like you I made the mistake of chasing it out and bringing the dogs out. Easier to befriend and catch. Work on that and then get rid of the cat. Cats will spray your house foundation when you have other cats. You don't want that stink.

    I have no problem getting rid of a cat just because I have cats of my own. If my cats were damaging property and injuriing neighbor animals I would put them into an outdoor enclosure. No need you have to tolerate the cat unless you also allow your animals to damage and injure other people's property.
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    Aug 29, 2007
    Kitsap County, WA
    oooo thank you for the link, I was trying to think how i would work it where it kept my cat in, and at the same time kept that other cat out

    and I did not think about the cat spraying our house, gross! grrrr grrrrr I am sure the blasted thing is too!
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    Apr 18, 2011
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    Just leave your dog out all the time - he'll keep the cat away - [​IMG]
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    Jun 1, 2011
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    I've always been of the school that a good way to end up with a dead cat is to let it roam around outside but I know lots of folks disagree with me on that one. I like the song birds that live in my yard... letting my 2 cats outside would probably put an end to that. In a suburban setting there is a realistic chance your cat might get hit by a car or become an unwelcome visiter on your neighbors property. Unless you live on a farm that needs mousers, I'm not sure why anyone really needs to let a house cat roam outside.

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