Nesco 18 qt Roaster Oven 'bator- 3rd hatch is the best!

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    Here's an old link to show pics of what I'm using for an incubator and am doing the dry method with high humidity in the house or room.

    Yesterday, five hatched, first one is a banty and between last night and tonight, three more, one zipping and three pipped. 35 eggs total in the "bator" and half LF, half banty.

    The LF are either a roo of blue Andalusian or Black EE over RIR, BLRW and Black Ee hens. There are a very few BO roo over RIR, GLW, BO/BO.

    This hatch of mostly mutts totally blew my big plans of keeping purebred only. That lil plan is still there, but this was a fun winter project:)

    Pics of this 3 third try in a bit, got to feed the dogs first and myself...

    (Forgot the link for "sis")
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    Well Done. [​IMG]

    Impressive. Keep up the good work. [​IMG]

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