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    Two questions tonight.

    I constructed a community best box and I'm looking to see what everyone used on the floor for padding while allowing them to roll down to the door. I saw that plastic rewashable stuff but for its price, it got very mixed reviews.

    2nd- For food and water I'm planning on using a hanging 5 gallon bucket. The food basically has a bolt with a washer on both ends and nuts obviously...and when the hens move it side to side it lets bits of food out. Has anyone tried this? I'm trying to keep food from being out in the open as well as off the ground.

    For the water, I'd put the nipples in. What nipples should I use. Someone mentioned horizontal. What do you all use?
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    I used a black carpet runner from Home Depot.
    I used vertical nipples. With some foam insulation covered by the bottom of a second bucket and a heater good down to 0°F.
    water-stand02.jpg vert-nipple03.jpg
    vert-nipple02.jpg vert-nipple04.jpg
    I built this feeder and no waste at all.
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    I found this thread here on BYC for a 5 gallon feeder, and thought it looked really cool. It's what I am planning to build when my little feathered ladies are old enough to use it.
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    I never thought of a carpet runner. Good idea. I dont have electricity down at the coop though so the heater wouldnt work. think thats why people had recommended the horizontal nipples

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    I built a trigger feeder as it intrigued me, in combo with a no-waste concept.
    It worked well, but found a gravity tube in same no-spill bottom worked better with more capacity. Both versions are in here:

    Horizontal Nipples are superior in almost every way, especially if you like where it freezes.

    HN's can be put in many different 'vessels' I find them to be very useful.
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    these are great, thanks!

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