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    Jun 6, 2011
    Hugging a Chicken
    Somehow, word got to a man who has 6 chickens, 2 of which were disabled. He emailed me, saying that one had a limp and another had a crusty eye (which wasn't true, seems he only wanted to be rid of her) and that if I didn't take them he was going to cull them. He told me they were Cucko Marans (white cucko marans), 6 months old and didn't lay that much. (Its easy to guess why, he said they never leave the coop because they are terrorized by his other hens and thus don't get any sunlight to brighten their combs or allow them to lay.)

    So we drove there, and sure enough, there they were, huddled in the coop by themselves. Their combs are quite pale, their tail feathers are ripped out and they don't seem very used to being out in a pen all day. So, we took them both, one because of her limp, and the other because I couldn't just leave her behind and sentence her to death just because she was being picked on. :(

    We have no names yet, we are thinking one should be named Clara (our flock has a lot of "old lady" names :), but we don't know what the other should be. Any ideas?

    This is the one with the limp, those eyes remind me so much of Gloria, as does the face-hair. [​IMG]
    The 2 newbies with Penny, whom they love and get along well with.
    This is the one with the limp, notice how she's holding up her foot
    This is the one who was said "blind", after we sprayed her butt with blu-kote because all the feathers are pretty much gone. (the blu-kote blends pretty well with their feathers anyways :)
    This is the "normal" girl, who I'm sure will be perfectly healthy after her feathers grow back. :)
    The normal girl, with her comb hanging sideways, all stylish. :)
    I'm sure this is the first time they have gotten to eat without being chased off by someone, so they were gobbling it all down. :)
    The normal girls bum, only 1 tail feather remains.
    Penny, who is so "la la" kinda girl, just ignores the new girls and goes about her way, which is quite a surprise for the new ladies.
    Clara (the one with the limp) drinking water.... (what is it with the little red bugs that always come out in the winter and float in the water?)
    The normal girl... how could you sentence that little face to death? I sure couldn't leave her behind.
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    Love these babies! I still say name the other one Destiny, if she doesn't have a name already. LOL
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    May 11, 2010
    Great job! I can't wait to see them in full bloom!
  4. AnimalsComeFirst

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    Jun 6, 2011
    Hugging a Chicken
    See the resemblance? Clara, you may be Gloria's long last chicken-relative. A little work, you may even get her stink eye.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    God, I love that picture of Gloria! Thank you for again rescuing animals in distress. You're one of the best we humans have to offer. These two girls won the chicken lottery!
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Congrats! Finally Penny has some friends again [​IMG]
  7. aoxa

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    Clara and Edna!

    How about Murtle? or Gretta? or Phyllis? :D All great old lady names!
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    May 12, 2011
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    What pretty ladies! And nice photos, too. Good for you, rescuing them! This last pic reminds me of my Kitty for some reason. Perhaps it is the slightly sweet/slightly stink eye. [​IMG] She has some big shoes (er, um eyes) to fill. Gloria was unmatched for the stink eye.
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  9. Nicely done! they are beautiful. Yea, i gotta admit I like the name Edna!!!! congrats. on the new girls!!!!!
  10. aoxa

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    The normal one looks like an Edna to me :D

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