New Adult Pilgrim Geese - What to Do

Discussion in 'Geese' started by ace12978, Dec 30, 2016.

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    We got our first poultry this year as hatchlings from Metzer, but sadly lost our female Pilgrim goose over the summer. This week, we were able to locate two young female Pilgrim geese to keep our Pilgrim gander company. I am a total novice to poultry in general, and what we need to do for these new girls. Both are underweight, but one more than the other. The skinnier of the two also has a peeling beak. I had grand ideas of keeping them in quarantine for awhile, but they staged a jailbreak overnight, and are now out in our pasture/pond with the other birds. From the conditions they came from, I get the impression that they were just left to their own devices on the property and not fed at all. Do I need to try to catch them to worm them, or just wait and see if they begin to put on weight with regular feeding? They are bright-eyed and active, but not too sure about us yet. My gander is over the moon about them!

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    Lucky guy. I'd want to deworm them sooner than later. They're going to start laying any day and it would be nice to address it beforehand. Will they eat bread? I cheat and just put the dewormer on some bread and they gobble it up. No stress.
    I would be working on him getting his girls back in their house at nighttime. What's his go to treat? Mine will do just about anything for Romaine lettuce or apples. Train the girls that inside is a quiet and safe place to lay their eggs. Lock them all up if you have to.
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    @ace12978 They are beautiful...Welcome to BYC

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