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10 Years
Dec 16, 2009
near Frederick, MD
Just came in this morning... 11 ducklings from Metzer.

7 Runners: 2 black, 2 chocolate, 3 fawn and white (1 extra was in the box)
2 Black Swedish
2 Cayuga


Just uploaded a short peeper video too:

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How early can you start feeding green items to ducklings? eg, small bits of peas or lettuce?

I can't find an answer in any of my books and it would take ages to find something specific on here. Anyone have any insight?

I waited a week, had them on starter, gave them some gro-gel, let them get settled in. Then I chopped up a bok choy leaf (not the stem - too hard, so the stems are my treat) and put it in a shallow dish of tepid water. It was gone in seconds! A couple of days later I chopped the rest of the bok choy, set it out in a cake pan in half an inch of water, and again it was gone quickly!

They are into their third week, now, and one of my chores for the day is to obtain some greens for them. Holderread in Storey's Guide recommends grass before it joints, lettuce, chard, dandelion, endive and watercress. In the stickies Nettie has a list of treats and ages at which they are appropriate. I may try peas, but they will be chopped, too, until I am sure these girls won't choke on them.

(I dread the thought of duckie Heimlich.)

Greens are very good for them, I need to add duck greens to my grocery list, and when the garden is going, have a section for their greens. But once they are outside, they can find many greens on their own.
I totally missed that portion in the book... thanks for the heads-up.

As for greens, a portion of my garden will be for growing clover, lettuce and other treats specific to the ducks. I plan on letting 2-3 of them into the garden at a time to graze and eat bugs throughout the growing season (the sensitive veggies will be netted off).

They're currently down there sleeping off their first feeding glut! Its amazing that they just sorta.. fall over and sleep, plunk!

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