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    Had my girls about a week and a half. Tough day today; lost one to dog. Went out to watch my survivors in coop to calm down, and am now worried about my Sussex pullet. She sounded strange/different from the beginning. As in different sounds than others, but now worse. I realize now that a chicken cold is not an option, so I'm a little worried about her and my others. Symptoms: sleepy eyes, coughing, sneezing, congested sounding, clear nasal discharge, snores with open mouth when sleeping (which is often). What should my first-course of action be? Isolation and vet?
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    I've ordered some doxycycline antiobiotic, some vita-Pro-B (vitamins/electrolytes), and Oxine to spray coop with and put in water. I'm trying to self-educate (new at this at one & a half weeks), but still concerned about anything spreading. When do you cull, and when do you try to save? I'm already messed up about losing the one to dog today; would hate to lose another,...but sure would hate for all to get sick, possibly lose all. Advice from chicken sages?
  3. If you can not cull the birds, ISOLATE them immediately.

    Keep them in a seperate pen and better yet building.

    Give them starter and water with a small amount of oxytetracycline, go sparingly with this.

    If they are not better in a few days, cull them. Have a friend do it if you can not.

    Good luck. I have ONE polish hen in isolation and she is getting better, yet if she is not well in a few days, she has to go. I had a rather bad out break of some upper respiratory desease, about 10 of my birds got it, mostly the polish.

    I fear that they are now all carriers and any bird I put in the flock will get this. I will let you know, because I am going to be forced to do this in a few weeks. The nursery birds are getting very big and I have 22 chicks waiting in the kitchen for the nursery.

    The nursery is an enclosed portable with fans, heat lamps, oil/electrc heater and is sectioned off for the various type of birds I am raising. It is completely pedator proof and located near the house far from the chicken barn.

    It is just not home without chicks in the kitchen.
    I have an incubator full now too since the hens are laying steady and seem very happy.
  4. HenSpa

    HenSpa Songster the oxytetracycline. Thanks for the advice. Will isolate the bird and administer to all. She looks better today, is curious about me, seems hungry and clear-eyed.

    Let me ask you this: is it possible that my bird just has funny sounds? My Australorps sound different; coo differently than other birds. The pullet, the one I think is sick, is a Sussex hen. Part of me hopes that she just has a different sound, too. Wishful thinking?

    Like I said, new to this. So forgive any stupid questions...

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