new chick falling over and small feet?


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
boerne, tx
i have a new chick that hatched night before last. it was shrink wrapped and i had to assist with it getting out of its shell. ok so this is whats going on, it can move around, it kind of butt scoots around. but it tips over on its sidea lot, sometimes falling all the way over onto its back. it has righted itself before but seems to struggle with that. i haven't seen it eat yet or drink on its own but i have given it water from a feeding syring and mixed up some food in water and given it that, also some drops of vitamins. i have shoes on its feet to help correct its toes which i think would have straighten up if it would walk upright. its feet are smaller as well than the other chicks that hatched out with it. they are olive eggers. last night i placed it in a coffee mug to help it gain some strength in its legs. which did seem to help on one side so far.
so i guess to get to the point i want to know how long should i leave it in the cup before it has done as good as its gonna and how often do i need to take it out and give it food, water and exercise? (i have been taking it out and having it walk upright with my support) thanks all
I don't know as I don't have experience with this, but it certainly sounds like you are doing everything that I would think of to help. I hope that someone with more experience comes along.

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