New chicken coop for 50 chickens ChickS Inn Yes my wife named it!!


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Mar 10, 2009
Hi im new here. I hope this works but here are some pics of my chicken coop. I have 10 large birds 2 large babies 7 medium babies and 30 small babies. I just finished it today and started the deep litter method. I havent bought the dp everyones out at the feed store. I have the roosts on the add on and will side it in when I get some more money. The main coop (perching area) is a 8 by 12 shed I built. This is my first one so let me know what u think and give me some ideas. I will be making my run twice as long. I also have no problems with animals I play a radio! Also we have all ladies no roosters cant annoy the neighbors!!
PS cant spell

Right click on link and click view image!!!

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you gave them like a manchine in their, do they have enough vetilation is all i can think of lol but im sure they do if they have a nice run like your talking about
Did the photos work? I have plastic up on crown of the roof for winter and it comes down for summer and they get a rotating fan. Yeah I went big want my chickens to be comfortable.
Thanks I love this nice people!!! By the way Im a Hill Billy Chicken Farmer and I live in California in foresthill.

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