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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Abubakar45, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Abubakar45

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    Jan 9, 2019
    Central Ohio
    Me and my brother got 3 rhode island red hens in april 2018, and we just got 3 new chickens to add to our flock. 2 bardrocks and 1 buff orphington. I just have a ton of question about the pecking order, laying conditions (they're probably gonna stop because of all of the stress), and when to get a rooster. I hope this is a great community to find answers and i look forward to a good time.
  2. MissChick@dee

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    Aug 18, 2017
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    Hiya :frow
    Nice to meet you!
  3. BReeder!

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    Mar 12, 2018
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    The is tons of info here.
  4. Abubakar45

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    Jan 9, 2019
    Central Ohio
    I didn't even mention that the rhode island red's names are Hot Sauce, Princess Carolyn, and Lady Peckinpaw (Hot Sauce is the current leader).
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    Jun 23, 2013
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    Did you quarantine the new birds from your original 3? Quarantine is to prevent possible disease being transmitted to your original birds. When you do integrate the new birds to your original, it's best to use the See but no Touch method.

    Your RIR are probably laying, how old are the 2BR/1BO?
    What are you feeding?
    Where are you located? You may want to update your profile with your location, helps us knowing your time zone, weather conditions & possible predator situations.
  6. Abubakar45

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    Jan 9, 2019
    Central Ohio
    I didn't quarantine, im sure they don't have any diseases, i got them all from the same guy. He said they are all laying (and thats what i paid for). Im in columbus ohio, and i have had three possom attacks three nights in a row. Though i'll have you know they all left with bullet riddled bodies in trash bags, left in the back alley trash can. Ill update my profile asap btw, thanks for giving me the notice.
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    Jan 30, 2015
    Hi and welcome to BYC. You will resources and members that will help you with almost any question you may have.

    On this link you'll find lots of information on almost every aspect of keeping birds - from coop building ideas, to incubating eggs -

    Each week, various topics are discussed, which can be a great resource - . Ditto the Learning Centre -

    This is a useful link of BYC guides to take a look at announcements-feedback-issues-guides.3 You can use this link to contact members in your area - Find your State's thread.

    Best wishes

    Pork Pie
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    hithere.gif Congrats on building your flock! Your chickens have very cute names.

    Usually quarantine is the best way to protect the health of both your current and new birds. Even though they originally came from the same place, chickens build immunities over time and environment conditions on everyone's property are very different, therefore building different immunity levels. A high percentage of people's current flock have been badly infected or even wiped out by bringing in seemingly healthy new birds. I hope everything goes well for you.

    In the future, here is some very good information to know:
    The Essential Quarantine
    See But Don’t Touch

    Best wishes flappyChicken.gif
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    Howdy :frow :welcome

    Thanks for joining us! :woot
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    Jul 4, 2018
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