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Jun 1, 2017
Good morning all,

Aside from chickens being on the farms my wife and I grew up on, we're new. We bought three Leghorns and three Road Island Red hens the last week of April.

I found out about BYC the old fashioned way, card catalog. Just kidding... it was Google. Or Bing... can hardly keep them straight.

My other hobbies are primarily reading and yardwork... not much else I can think of.

My wife and youngest daughter (almost 20) are caring for them. Aside from the chicks, a feral-ish cat hangs out around my backyard and I feed her/him from time to time.

We got the chickens primarily for eggs. We're looking into and considering getting a hen later to breed but that's a later consideration. We're going to get our feet wet for a while first.

Hope that's enough info about me for now and I look forward to hearing from some of the "old hats" on here! It would be really cool to meet up with others in my area!
Welcome to Backyard Chickens. Card catalog. That cracks me up too. About 10 years ago I walked into a suburban library, thinking I could browse magazines & books. Boy what a surprise - they had computers everywhere. I am not a techy.
and discs or cd's I'm not sure what they were called but, I was very upset that libraries have changed so much. I love to HOLD a book and read them. Not have a Kindle device. Weird
PS if you put your state name in the search box, it should come up. Then you can post and see if any "Old timers," live near you. Great way to meet other chickeners.

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