New chickens and a bully

May 12, 2022
I have 2 new pullets, that I'm adding to my 4 existing pullets. I've done the dog kennel method for a few days. None of them seem to care about the others at all anymore. No one is poking their head through or anything. So today I let them out. The 2 new ones seem to integrate just fine with 3 of the old ones. Though the 2 newbies are staying side by side, for the most part there seem to be no problems at all. However...I have 1 buff orp hen who seems to be a bit of a bully. If they walk past her, she goes after them to peck. Sometimes she just chases up to them to peck them for no reason. She has both of then with their heads in a corner as we speak, cowering in fear as she stands over them. She doesn't go full on assault. No blood is drawn. She just gives a few pecks flaps her feathers and lets them know that she's the boss. When she decides she wants to let them know she's boss again, after them she goes again. But none of the other birds even seem to notice that they are here. Is this normal? Will it stop/slow down in the near future? Should I be concerned?

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