New chickens are stinkin up the place~ HELP!


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Jun 12, 2012
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Hi everyone. I found a woman on craigslist near me who was being forced by the township to give up her three chickens. There is a Barred Rock and two RI Reds. They are sweet chickens, but I was surprised at their living conditions when I went to pick them up. It was pretty gross.

First of all, there wings were cut almost to the elbow joint. Poor things! They weren't able to jump to the roost I installed for them cause they have no wings to flap. The thing that really gets me is that they stink! They smell like Chinese food in a bad way!
There poo really stinks. So, I have them apart from my other girls for now and am monitoring them. They seem healthy besides the fact that I think they were starving.

What do you all suggest for my newfound wingless stink bombs? I would love to bathe them or sprinkle them with baking soda or something!!!

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Definitely bathe them.

As for stinky poop, it could have been what they were eating, and a week on your regular flock's diet should clear that stank up. ;)
X 2 - go ahead an bathe them and give their systems a chance to regulate and adjust to their new (better) diet - I would expect you'll see an improvement soon.

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Nov 7, 2012
Try fermented feed. If their poo is noticeably smelly, I'm guessing that their guts are very unhealthy. Fermented feed should go a long ways to correcting any gut issues. Be sure you quarantine them well, and don't wear the same foot gear when you tend the rest of your flock.

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