New Chicks.....

outback in tx

6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Mom and new chicks doing well
Awe <3 So sweet! I so desperately wanted one of my hens to go broody this spring so I could get some hatching eggs, but it just didn't happen so we ended up getting some baby chicks last week instead. I would love to see one if my buffs get to be a mommy someday.
The daddy was a lavender australorp. There were 3 black one in there you barely could see,hoping they will be black australorps.Good luck on having your own someday
Awe...I LOVE my buff orpingtons and my black austrolorps. They are my two favorites in my flock because they are so sweet and big and fluffy :) I only have one buff left though because a hawk got her sister last fall :( so she's the onlyj one that I have that tends to border on broody with the eggs in the coop. I had to remove her from the nests last fall because she tried to go broody on me. Now that I want her too, she has no! So, you have 4 babies then?

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