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Apr 19, 2014
Hi, I am putting together my first coop and run. As I have a wife and kids, we of course already have the 8 baby chickens...

I am lucky enough to have 5 acres in SE Melbourne, so size is not an issue, but placement and convenience is.

I have an old dog run about 4.6m x 10.5m made from chicken wire about 1.8m tall. I intend to cover it with chicken wire for a run for about 10 choocks.

I hope to build the coop from materials I have around or maybe convert a 2nd hand kids cubby.

My question: I don't know whether to build off the ground or on the ground using a concrete base.

My preference is to build the coop on the ground with a concrete base. I was planning to use a deep bed of litter.

However lots of people seem to prefer a coop high off the ground.

To me, a coop on a concrete base will have much better thermal stability, as the ground will always be around 19 degrees celcius, whereas a coop in the air will be whatever the air temperature is, which around here is down to 1-2 degrees in winter and up to 42 degrees in summer.

Am I on the right track or is this less important than other factors?

In my area rodents are common, as we have horses and therefore horse feed. And we have foxes that come around regularly at night even before I got chickens, but I plan to have the coop made fox proof.

Any tips appreciated.
we have had chickens for 10 years and our coop has been quite sturdy. our is made our of wether treated wood, and then coated with outdoor paint. it is slightly elevated (probably half a foot) supported by cinderblocks in the four corners. this gives the chickens a place to take dirt baths under the coop and get away from the sun if they still want to be outside.

good luck with your new baby chicks!

Welcome to BYC!

I think it is really personal preference. And yes, ground coops do have more temp stability. I have had both off the ground and on the ground. And I much prefer the on the ground coop. I enjoy that it is in contact with the ground and the floor stays warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Some people like the elevated coops as they provide shade beneath the coop itself. I don't use an elevated coop anymore and enjoy my ground coop with run.

As for your run, concrete is fine as long as you do bed deeply. Concrete is very hard on the feet and legs. I use sand in my coops and runs. It is very easy to clean, it stays dry when wet, it keeps the flies away, no poop smells and the chickens love to scratch for gizzard stones. You can also hose it down in the summer and it will keep the chickens incredibly cool. I use natural dry wash and arroyo sand I dig right out from nearby areas. So if you live near the outback, you can dig the stuff up for free. Wet it down and squeeze it. If it falls apart in your hand and doesn't clump, it is sand.

Here is a nice thread on sand if you want to do more reading or posting on it....

Here is the Australia thread if you want to connect with other members in your area as well....

Enjoy this new adventure you are on and welcome to our flock!
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if cash was not an object, I would have gone with concrete base. easier to clean, temperature stability, stronger for additions. if you were to get some infection that wipes out entire coop, easier to disinfect. Good Luck
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! I also vote for a concrete base, more predator/rodent proof, and nice for a walk-in coop.
Absolutely concrete ?? Will you have it slope somewhat to a drain for run -off during rainy season. Actually I don't know if Australia has rainy seasons. I do know it has very poisonous snakes and and spiders, etc.
Take Care!!

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