New coop, need help with pics,,,

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    As a Steamfitter, whos only carpentry was in an 8th grade shop class, I think my kid and I did ok for one day seeing as how my tool kit consisted of a tri-pod vise and pipe stands, ball pein hammer, channel locks, broken 2' level, framing square, 6' folding ruler, a 5 dollar yard sale saw, and a plumb bob with a ball of string,,,, like I said,,, I weld pipe, not nail wood,,,lol

    I have pics on my phone. Can anyone help me post them?

    What we did in a day was,,,,
    sink two 4x4 and two 6x4 post, pressure treated,, still need to concrete them in. 2x6 pressure treated floor "joist" I think they are called, 3/4 ply wood floor and west wall with window, 3/4 sheeting for the other three walls, and a door.

    If no rain tomorrow,,, add roof and shingles, tile floor, cut in poop door, and build nesting boxes along with making doors to collect eggs from outside with out entering run or coop.

    It's only 6x8 and close to the same dimension in height but I think my 5 year old daughter and I did well for one day and it's with in an 1/8 across 8' of perfectly square and plumb.

    Like I said,,, I'd like to post some pics if anyone can help and a Verizon phone it should be free.

    Gary and Lexi
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    Oct 13, 2007
    Pictures need to be downloaded into something like PHOTOBUCKET
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    Gary and Lexi ~

    Can you download the photos from your camera? It would be fun to see the work you've done.
    Sounds as if you've accomplished quite a lot of work, but with a five year old helper it must make things much easier. [​IMG] And I'm *impressed* at how square your coop is!

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