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Mar 15, 2018
Hello, I am a new duck mama lol.
I have one pekin and one hybrid im not honestly sure what it is. I also dont know their ages or sexes. Which is why I am here :) is there any way to tell?

My husband got them a high protein food and I feel like that was not a good idea after a little reading here. especially the size of the bag... lol its is Dumor 24% protein... We dont plan to eat these ducks at all so I dont even know why there is protein that high for chicks or ducks, but I dont know much about this. I just want them to be healthy!

Right now I have them in a clear plastic Tupperware thing, with pine shavings like they had at tractor supply, with a heating pad underneath. is that adequate? what temp is best ? its no in the box its under it... they sneeze and will have water coming out of their nostrils... I worry they aren't warm enough or aren't getting good air flow? I dont want respiratory issues!

I also have their water and food in it.. and its a small space which they soak quickly lol. the water is in a chick waterer and I read thats not good enough for them either. I saw the diy one, and will look into making one. I let them play in a shallow warm bath daily.. is that ok? they seem to love it, but If I shouldn't, let me know! lol.

I plan to build them a house out side soon, I just got 6 pallets! when is it ok for them to be outside? I am in Texas, so it will be pretty warm soon. and honestly brutally hot in the summer.. is that going to be ok? sorry for so many questions!

They dont fuss often and when they do, its seemingly just being thirsty (they splashed their entire water contents into the floor), or cold lol. the Pekin is very verbal and lets me know! the other is shy and I can tell the pekin is protective of it. They are absolutely precious and I want them to have long happy lives! Any advice or where to read would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
Welcome to BYC and Congrats on your new ducklings.
They grow fast so having a large brooder is the best for them with water and feed sitting on top of something that will catch the water but not hurt their feet.
Here is a good link to info. you need to get temp in brooder by putting a thermometer in their brooder How are they acting are they laying around acting like they are warm enough or all cuddled in the corner

First week duckling need to be kept at around 85* with room in brooder to get away from heat if they want. Dropping temps 5* each week there after. Once they are at house temp they are ready to go outside for good If temps are warm and they are feathered in good. On nice warm days take them outside for fresh air and running around it will help them to acclimate easier.
This link will give you idea on a home made waterer for ducklings too. I used a broiler pan to sit my waterers on to help catch the spilled water.
Does your feed say chick starter? that is what you want to start them on for first 3 weeks to keep from having to by different feeds go with an all flock feed they can get it from hatch till end of life and then you just sit out oyster shell once they begin to lay eggs.

Keep in mind when you build their coop that shade is going to be very important in summer and bushes of some kind for them to lay under it will help make them feel more secure and safe from Ariel preds too.
Hi and Welcome to the BYC!! You're gonna love having ducks.
2 ducks are great to start out with, this will slowly lead you into think i am joking but i am not, they are very additive. I when i get home tonight i will send some pictures of my outside set up and my indoor set up for my ducklings. This whole "work" thing to make a living is really getting in the way of my duck time:lau

In the meantime post some pictures of your ducklings (everyone loves pictures of ducklings on here.....its very euphoric):lol:
That made me laugh! I believe you!


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