New duck owner needs help!


Jul 17, 2016
East Tennessee
So I just purchased my first duck yesterday from the co-op in town. It is a black Indian runner baby duck. I'm not really sure as to how to take care of it. I understand it needs a lot of water and I have been making sure his water stays clean. He also is eating the chick feed that the co-op recommended. Other than that, I'm not really sure what all my baby duck needs. Help please!!!
there's a great thread right now about ultimate list of duck treats and supplements. Ducks do need extra niacin above what's in a starter chick crumble. Adding brewer's yeast is a good thing for ducks; just sprinkle it on the food. Some questions:
!) What exactly is the food the co-op recommended? It should be unmedicated; double-check that.
2) Did they tell you how old it is? Can you snap a pic if you don't know?
3) What kind of housing are you using or planning to use? Do you need help with that too?
4) Are you willing to get a second duck? Ducks are social animals and really should be kept with atleast one buddy.
5) Do you know the sex?

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