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My ducks are having eggs.. Do I let nature take it's course or b ring them in to incubate

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Jul 22, 2019
Hi my name is Susan. I live on two acres with a pond. We always seen little chicks n ducks at rural king and for the first time in my life living with a pond n land. I was teasing my husband about getting baby ducks and two seconds later they are in a box coming home. It's all been a learning experience for us and the best pets I've had a joy raising. They have had me rolling on the ground laughing from all they do... Love it!!!

If you have a dedicated broody sitting on the nest, it's totally your choice! You can candle the eggs and mark the viable ones so you can keep track and remove any new ones being added to the nest by others. Have your incubator handy just in case a first-time broody decides to abandon her duties, and also read up on incubation practices. Best wishes for a successful hatch!

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