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Sep 24, 2019
Hi. I'm jg33. I decided to join the forum because we just got a couple of chickens about 3 days ago. So the story is this, a lady on facebook had been trying for about a month to get someone to take a Turkey off her hands. I guess she already had a flock of chickens, ducks and turkeys and this one was expected to be a Jenny. Welp, turns out he was a Tom. The other Tom that they had didn't like him so much and was picking on him. So she posted him on facebook for someone to take for free. We kept on seeing him pop up and couldn't help but want to help, so we took him in. On our way home he kept on crying like he was lost and wanted his family. We passed a bigR and needed to grab some feed for him. It just so happened they were having a critter swap. Not really thinking, we decided maybe he needs some friends. We ended up getting two chickens and two guinea fowl. And here we are today. Basically going into this blind.

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