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Mar 14, 2011
The 1st one hatched on the 29th, the 2nd one started its external pip very late that night. Took all day the 30th and had a big size hole, but just couldnt seem to break out or make the turn. So today I thought i would give it some help, it already had its beak and half a foot sitting there ready to kick out, sure enough, as soon as i started making the circle bigger, it just jumped right


Hey Bro, What can I do to help?

Ok, so now the 2nd one is out, I was examining it and its poor little vent is red and irritated. It did some major pooping in the shell, nothing like the little one its sibling took. Should I put something on it?

As you can see the 1st one is doing great! Very strong and curious little thing. Eating and drinking really good too.

Ok as to my other post about the egg not chirping anymore. Well I couldnt stand it anymore so I made a little hole in the air pocket to see if it was still alive..... Nope.... anyone know what caused it to die? Did I do something wrong? I want to make sure it dont happen again.

Congratulations and well done on getting your cute little babies. I dare say the navel area of the 2nd baby has healed now but routinely I spray the navel with dry iodine spray as soon as they're born.

Did you weigh your eggs before and during incubation? Also did the aircell of the 3rd egg drawdown just before hatching was due and did the baby internally pip the aircell membrane. To be fair you've had a great result and acheived a 66% hatch rate


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