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Dec 21, 2020
Hey Everyone! I’m new to the Backyard Chickens community! I have been reading information on these forums for a few years now and it has been very helpful.
We are a small, hobby farm in the Deep South. We started our homestead about 5 years ago with 6 chickens. We’ll be getting a whole new crew this Spring. We also have a Bourbon Red Turkey pair. We also garden, which is one of my passions

In April of this year, we added 3 bantams. 2 females and a male. A male and female frizzle and a female silkie. On Thanksgiving, our silkie started setting on 2 eggs. She brought them both to the pipping stage. When we tried to being her in from a frosty night, she quit. She didn’t like the environment. So, I came to the Backyard Chicken forum and searched how to finish hatching out eggs. With the help of this forum, we successfully hatch out 2 baby bantams this past Friday, with a heat lamp, damp towel and a temp/humidity gage. They are too perfect! Once we find out the sex of both of them, we are sticking with Christmas themed names.
Male & Female : Noel & Griswald
2 Females : Carol & Noel
2 Males : Griswald & Ralphie

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