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May 15, 2012
I've been keeping hens and geese for a few years and have just begun trying to hatch some myself...not going that well. Bought 12 fertilized eggs at a local aviculture meeting from 4 different sellers:
Have a SURO 20 incubator currently runnng: temp. 37.5 humidity 65% with spikes up to 76% after hatchings
3 infertile and removed at day 8
9 eggs developed fine on day 18
1 hatched day 20 left it in for 12 hours
2 hatched day 21 took them out after a few hours because the 6 other eggs were getting seriously knocked around
opened 1 day 23 dead - looks like DIS on day 19 from developmental photos
5 still in incubator -
how long should I leave them? are they all dead because they were seriously rolled on day 20?
Also have a Toulouse goose that just started setting on 12 eggs - most are too old and dirty I think but 4 are new
Sorry I can't be of help but
Post under Incubating and Hatching eggs. Peeps there who's been doing this longer than me.
from Alabama. Glad you joined us. Sorry to hear that you've had a bad hatch. Is you hygrometer calibrated? If it isn't, doing that will definitely improve your chances of having a good hatch. Sometimes, though, you just have bad hatches. I'd leave the eggs until day 25 if you think there's still a chance. You could always do a float test on them if you wanted to.
Better luck next time
I opened the 5 eggs at the end of day 24 - dead - 3 were underdeveloped and 2 were perfectly formed but "shrink wrapped" in their membranes. So the humidity wasn't high enough. Final tally: 3 out of 9 for my first try. Sad but at least I know (I think) what went wrong at the end. thanks for your replies.

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