New omlet chicken coop recycled plastic


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8 Years
Jun 9, 2011
I work for omlet , and we are currently designing a new "green" coop a bigger stronger a more ergonomically designed coop to keep out predators full stop.

easy clean surfaces and self drying.

below ground wire to prevent predators digging under and still looks asthetically pleasing.

easy clip on run which can change shape, square, semi circle, triangular.

lighter materials easy to pick up alone.

any other information you need just message me.

this eglu green edition will be availible in around 2 months.
I got delivery of my cube about a month ago, bought it with the extended run, it's great for my seramas. I would be very interested in the new lighter version this one is hard for me to move I need help.
Ooh, I'm an Eglu owner as well (two Go houses) and I'd be interested in a new style of coop. I have build my own, very large, run. However, I did leave space for adding more coops.

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