New Orpington

unbaked pegga

8 Years
Nov 22, 2014
Mt Juliet Tn
I purchased a Crele Orpington juvenile hen 3 weeks ago. But she is a he so I must give away because of city ordinances. The hatchery that I got this chicken from is going to send me one of their breeder Crele Orpington hens 10 to 22 months old (as they put it). He said she was a real beauty. I am a little concerned about trying to integrate a full grown hen in with my 3 other orpingtons. I asked him if he had found it difficult to do do this. He said it could be difficult or easy. He had it work both ways. What has been any of the people in this groups experience? I have gotten attached to the rooster so I am upset to lose him. I am upset with the breeder that they couldn't tell a juvenile hen from a rooster. No refunds. I guess I could tell them to wait until next spring and send me another juvenile but feel like I probably should get this hen while I can. By next spring they could not have one ready etc.

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