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    I did a search and found 1000 ways to boil a simple egg! I am one that has tried numerous ways and still have trouble peeling them.

    What perks my curiousity is that my Grandma has no trouble peeling my eggs, and I have other folks that have bought my eggs say the same thing, no problems. Trying to figure out what is different, I wonder if its the water. I have well water, and the folks that have no trouble peeling are on city water!!!

    Id be curious to know, do the folks that have no trouble have city water? Do the folks that have tried practically every mentioned way and still have trouble have well water?

    Just a thought... [​IMG]
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    Fresh eggs are harder to peel than eggs that are about 10 days to 2 weeks old. When an egg is first laid the egg fills the shell completely. As the egg cools from body temperature the contents of the egg shrink just a bit and form a very small air pocket at the large end of the egg.

    Egg shells are porous and as they age moisture evaporates through the pours in the shell and the air pock at the large end of the egg becomes bigger and the albumin begins to pull away from the shell thus making it easy to peel.

    An egg kept at room temperature will age the same in one day as an egg that is stored in the refrigerator for one week. Thus you can take a fresh egg out of the frig and place it on the counter for 24 hours and it will loose moisture much more rapidly than an egg kept in the frig and again the albumin will begin to pull away form the shell and make it easier to peel when it's boiled.

    That is also why you can check eggs for freshness by placing them in water. A fresh egg will sink to the bottom of the container and lie flat. As the egg ages and looses moisture there is more air in it and the large end of the egg will begin to rise slightly off the bottom of the container. A really old egg will float and needs to be thrown away.

    I rarely have trouble peeling my boiled eggs. I always use older eggs to boil and take them out of the frig for 12 to 24 hours before I boil them. I usually boil a couple of dozen at a time...we eat a lot of boiled eggs. We eat boiled egg sandwiches for a quick breakfast on the run, we use them in potato salad, tuna, deviled eggs, a quick snack to grab out of the frig and I also feed them to the chickens and my dogs.
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    I dont boil my HB eggs... i throw them in the steamer for 25-30 mins and they come out perfect just about everytime.

    Don't have to worry bout a thing then [​IMG]

    Wait for the ding then drop them in ice water just like usual to cool them.

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