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5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
Where do u keep your babies? I currently have ours in a tote but we have had to catch a couple that escaped today. How do I know when they are ready to go to the coop?

What do you use for mites,ticks,and chicken lice? This is all new to me. Thanks
They need to be in a brooder, which can be made out of anything, like a cardboard box. They also need a source of heat and access to fresh water and food. I would have suggested that you researched all of this before you got them, but since you already have them, this is a way to start. They do not need to go outside in a coop until they are around 5 or 6 weeks old. And mites and lice shouldn't be a problem when they are young, unless you have other pets that would be near them. I hope this helped you.
My brooder goes in a sectioned off area of my coop. I have tall sides and put a wire screen across the top, when they get big enough to jump out.
I can't help with pest control. Since the area I started my flock in never had chickens around, I've never had any pests problems. I've heard they can be brought in by wild birds, but it hasn't happened here. I've also never brought in any adult chickens. Only hatchery chicks and my own hatches.
I once worked on a ranch in S. W. in New Mexico. There was an old chicken coop, that had not been used for several years. The owners bought some chicks and started a new flock. The chickens became infested, with the soft body red chicken ticks. The only thing we could come up with, was that the ticks were able to "hibernate" in the thick adobe walls, until the new chickens were brought in.
We relocated the chickens, dusted them with seven and sprayed the coop with I believe malathion, to get it into the dirt walls. Not exactly organic, but it killed the ticks.
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we did do research and have had help from a friend who has raised chicks and she said having them in a tote would be ok but its not working to well and they do have water and food
Your tote may not be large enough (have tall enough sides) if they can hop out. Might be time to upgrade to a larger box or put a screen over the top to keep them in.
I raised mine in a long tote and I put a baby gate over the top of it so the couldn't get out worked great. I just moved them to the coop at 5 weeks.
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