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Sep 22, 2020
Hi Everyone! Although I have been a poultry owner for years, I have yet to register and post on any threads on BackYard Chickens. This will be my first! :)

My family owns a micro farmstead in Orangevale, CA. I have owned chickens my entire life and just love their personalities. We currently have a flock of 26 birds, consisting of chickens (14) , ducks (7), geese (2) and turkeys (3). We are in the midst of hatching more chicks to increase our egg production for 2021.

Below is what we have on our farmstead:
Chicken breeds: Olive Eggers, Easter Eggers, Splash Maran, Cuckoo Maran, Australorp, Barred Rock, Swedish Orust & Blue Orpington
Duck breeds: Buff, Cayuga/Khaki Campbell mix and Buff/Cayuga/Khaki Campbell mix
Goose breeds: Pomeranian and Buff Toulouse
Turkey breeds: Bronze Broad-Chested & Black Spanish

I absolutely love our birds! They all have such amazing personalities. They are free range foragers and live the life! My large garden is nestled in the middle of their foraging ground, where I spend my free time gardening (my other favorite hobby). The love to observe me and wait for me to throw them a fresh tomato.

Here on our small farmstead, our three daughters love the birds as much as I do! We hatch all our birds from egg so they are all socialized like pets. They each have their own name and are nurtured with TLC.

I can't wait to network with other poultry owners who care about their birds. Its nice to have a group of people to connect with to figure out some of the "unwritten" rules of poultry owning.

I found out about BYC through internet searches and I am sure glad I did!

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