New to BYC; not new to back yard chickens, though


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Dec 17, 2020
Hi fellow chicken people.
My partner and I live on a few acres in the southwest part of Colorado. We've had layers here for 10 years. In addition to the girls, we've got two Australian shepherds and a tuxedo cat.
Our birds are free range on our place and visit the neighbors very often, too. Of course, we lock the birds in at night in a coop, and pen them in a chain link run when we don't think they'd be safe traipsing about the property.
Goshawks, red tailed hawks, black bears, red foxes, raccoons, and mountain lions all cruise the place at times, so the Aussies have taken it upon themselves to protect the hens from predators.
Of our present flock of 10, two are pensioner Americanas at 8 years of age. The rest are just under 3; it's a mixed flock of leghorn, sapphire gems, Welsumers, and yellow comets.
Our real concern these cold days is some of the hens are exhibiting signs of stress/disease.
I'll start another thread specific to our concerns.
Thanks for the forum. I started with chickens when I was 6 years old. That was in...the 1050s! We certainly didn't have anything like BYC for help and support way back then.

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