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Apr 25, 2008
Corn, OK
Howdy! Got some ducklings at Atwoods about 3 weeks ago, dont know squat about 'em, I didnt figure they'd be a whole lot different featherin out-wise than chicks, but I gues I was wrong, either that or something's wrong with these ducks LOL. So how long before they even start gettin any feathers whatsoever? None of 'em even have one measely feather, just all fluff still. I like 'em a lot though... just wish they wasn't so dang messy!
They should be getting quite a few feathers by now, but they feather out differently than chicks do. Ducklings feathers just kind of 'appear' under their down. If they are inside, they shouldn't have any heat source by now, other than room temperature, provided it is around 70-ish. If they are too warm they won't feather out very well at all. By 4-6 weeks, they will be fully feathered, and almost adult size. Try using wood pellet bedding for them, it is so much cleaner, and even absorbs the stink
Have you let them have a supervised swim yet? My husband (who hates anything but ducks and turkeys
) puts them in our bathtub and throws them a little bread. He gets a kick out of watching them dive, and the way they act all itchy when they first get wet. They will start to sink after a while because they don't have oily feathers yet, and they will protest when you take them out. They're like little kids. We always dry them off well with a towel, and use luke warm water.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand, that seems to help them shed some down in a less dusty manner
They do act all itchy when they first get wet, I think they just like to be really really clean! They feel the need to scrub all the gunk off of them!
We've been switching between free ranging ours up at our house, and keeping them in the coop. We had something picking them off one by one each night, but they were a lot happier free ranging. When we first brought them up here they spent the entire day in the pond preening. Not sure why a creature as stinky as a duck would be so vain, but apparently they all are!

I think i'm going to have to bring them back here tomorrow. We'd been debating it, and they just seem a lot happier waddling all over (well between the pond and the horse trough!).
Ok, thanks. I aint let 'em swim around yet, guess I'll try it in the mornin. They aint in the house, there in the barn, its cool at night but about 70-ish in the day here lately. Had a cold spell a few days ago, turned the lamp back on til it passed. So they'll just kinda be hidin in the down ya say? I'll check 'em over tomorrow, I kept expectin to see all sorts of feathers and not much down I guess...
What kind of ducks are they? My pekins just gradually changed from yellow to white, no real big changes. And my rouens and cayugas went from looking all downy one day to fully feathered the next! Their feathers kind of start like pin feathers, so you will probably have to feel them to know. It seemed like mine started getting tails first, then breast and belly feathers.
Yes, the feathers all of a sudden poof open. Not sure what the technical term is
There is a whitish/clear substance that surrounds them, almost like a drinking straw, and once it falls off the feathers open like petals on a flower. It's really hard to describe until you see it!
LOL I have no idea really. There black with yellow stripes down there neck and yellow wing tips, and black legs. Anyone know what kind it could be? I've had to scratch that white stuff off of the chicks feathers sometime, same stuff I reckon?

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