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It has now been 5 days since I have put the eggs in the incubator. I have done a LOT of reading and I think I have somewhat good understanding of how to incubate eggs. I am really excited. I bought 18 EXPENSIVE bantam eggs and half had broken air sacks:( so that leaves me 9 really really expensive to hatch. I have not messed with them or candled them since I put them in the bator. I am waiting untill 7-8 days untill I candle them again.
It's not always easy to diagnose broken air-sacs.

In a very fresh egg there really is little or no discernible air-space. That develops over a few days on the counter or in the incubator.

Yours may well be fine.
I've never gone by looking at the air sacs on shipped eggs...I always wait til day 7 and candle, then question mark an egg if I think it's not growing or clear and wait til day 14 to discard.....
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Hey Tuff

Describe "clear" egg for me. I think I know what you mean. But I am incubating silkies for the first time and the first ones I got, seem to have a medium cloudy small appearance inside at day 7. Some I can see the veins, some I cannot. Than I have a second set of silky eggs that I bought from someone on the board and those clearly are showing the veining?
A clear egg will look very similar to the way it looked when you put it in. You candled them first, right, to check for hairline cracks?

By day 7, in a fertile egg the vein growth will be apparent. This is esp. true with white eggs and a good light.

If there is any doubt, leave it longer, but usually the clears are obvious.
Sorry about the bump guys/gals.

Now, Tuff, or someone else of course, question 2. I am the one that had the leghorn eggs in the bator when the power went out. Power was out for about 12 hours. They got cold. Some of them are showing embryos and some are not! I think? Since I live in and near hurricane country and like to hatch eggs (as you can tell), what do people do during hurricane season when we have all these short power outages? I know a lot of questions.
Perhaps I just need a generator huh? Tehe!
A clear egg is just that...looks like one that you have just put in the bator or candled one you have in the fridge or signs of any growth ..

I've never had power outages ...knock on wood...I know some here have and still get a decent hatch when powered back up hadn't gone too long....

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