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this guy is a very very pure red jungle fowl the breeder i got mine from got them from a unoverstiy in new mexico that imported them In the 1990's from what i understand they do eclipse... dont have any pictures of him eclipsing because he is only roughly 3 months old he is very good looking he will come with a hen that has no comb at all and is very flighty just like him... he will have the authentic red jungle fowl crow dont have a video of him because of his age... looking for a young pure black pair of svart hona to go with my new pair im getting tomarrow... dont want to in breed so thouht that i would try and trade my last pair that i have for sale... please pm if interested may trade for other breeds possibly


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Mine on the Amazon gift card.

I have a few things I can add, will get pics on this afternoon after some appointments.

The latest Mother Earth News magazine

sourdough starter--the smell alone is amazing! Better than a scented candle, IMO

first aid kit---"things you put in you". When my boys were younger we separated our first aid into things that go IN you (medications) and things that go ON you (ointments, bandages, etc). I have an extra IN you kit. It's a collection of OTC meds in small sizes, Advil, cough and cold, stomach meds, etc. Will be shipped in a gallon Ziploc baggie, or loose in the box for you to put in your own case.

I'll post here again when pics are updated on the swap page.
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