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    I just learned of a regulation in NYS that I wanted to share.

    From what the tester said, it seems that many folks may not know
    this or think that seeing as their flock was tested at one point, that
    makes it good for many years. I would not have known about this had it
    not been for the fact that my daughter is in 4-H and will want to
    show chickens this year.

    This test should be done each year. The tester will come to ytou and there is no charge.
    My birds were just tested 1/2
    hour ago and my flock is certified salmonella free!! [​IMG] I cannot
    bring any birds or hatching eggs into my flock now unless they
    come from a certified pullorum free flock... meaning I would want to
    see paperwork proving it. She tested all 10 of the adults that I have.
    This information comes from the tester in my area.
    If a bird had tested positive, I would have had to
    surrender it to the state for more testing.

    here is more information about it...

    pullorum testing
    of poultry for 2009.

    - For flocks which hatch eggs from their own poultry and/or sell/donate hatching eggs:

    Annual flock test for birds 4 months of age and older is required.
    Flocks of up to 30 birds - test all birds.
    Flocks of 30 to 120 birds – test 30 birds.
    Flocks of more than 120 birds – test 25% up to 300 birds.
    A NPIP Certificate certifying the flock negative for pullorum
    will be issued by Ag 7 Mkts.

    - For flocks NOT producing hatching eggs, NO TEST IS REQUIRED. However,

    an application must be submitted to Albany. An inspection of the
    flock will be conducted by a certified person. Birds must all have
    originated from a pullorum free flock or hatchery.
    A NPIP Certificate will be issued by Ag7 Mkts upon a satisfactory inspection.

    - For exhibitors planning to exhibit individual birds originating from uncertified flocks,

    an application and inspection is not required.
    The birds can be tested prior to the fair and the test chart will be good for 90 days.

    personally, I was happy to have the test done. At least now I know for sure that my eggs are clean!

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