Newbie here with first batch of eggs


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May 26, 2010
My kids and I made an incubator and have had it up and running over the weekend. Temp was pretty constant at between 99.5 to 100 . Humidity level was around 65 %. I got my eggs this morning at about 8 and when I put them into the incubator the temp dropped to around 96.6. I had to run to work until 2 and came home and it was still not up to 99.5. I have been trying to get it back to 99.5 and have had a few setbacks with the water spilling and sending the humidity level up to over 80%. I know that this sounds silly but will all of this messing around cause a problem this early in the game?
I personally think that 65% humidity is way to high! I usually have that much humidity during lockdown. I like to stay between 45%-55%. I know some people may disagree but this has always worked for me.

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