10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Hi there!
I've haunted this forum for advice on everything from chicken tractors/mobile coups to places to find recipes for organic chicken feed. Currently have had very bad hatch rates and out of 38 eggs, only 4 chicks and 1 duck survived and the duck seems to have a paralysis on the left side. However, he (or she) is my kids' favorite and loves to be near people. The chicks, being older, are not as fond of the duck. Have had ducks (pekins) and chickens (austrolorps, orpingtons, white cornish rock crosses, bantam cochins) before. Now have 2 silkies (and wouldn't you know, they are both roosters), americauna, and a guess what? chicken plus the golden cascade duckling. And 2 bright children, one tolerant husband and 2 cats that keep hanging out by the coop wondering when its really dinner time! We discoved "buckets of doom" as ground squirrel control and have caught mice instead. I will have to try this in the pantry. In the meantime, I have well-fed chipmunks and a non-producing garden.


11 Years
Jan 16, 2009
Central PA
Hi there! Don't feel bad, I just saw I literally have puddles in my garden. I think everything is going to turn to mold. We've been on this rain train too long here in Pa. I forget what the sun looks like!

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