Newbie question about introducing new chicks..


Mar 18, 2017
Willow Springs
We just purchased 10 new chicks to add to our "flock". We have the chicks in their own coop for now, but they are about 1 week to 4 weeks old per the feed store.

Our "big chicks" are about 8-10 weeks old. 2 are "ladies" and we have 2 that just started crowing last week.

Since our older chicks aren't full grown, when would be the best time to introduce everyone safely?

Also, why are they so addicting?? I want 2 of every kind of chick!!!


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Dec 11, 2009
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You may start right away. In fact, the sooner you present the new group to the old group, the sooner they can start getting acquainted, shortening the integration time.

Integrating baby chicks is simple and easy. It goes much easier the smaller they are when they are introduced. You only need to set up a safe pen for them in the run so they'll be safe.

Even though your babies may still need a bit of heat during the day, they can begin to spend time outdoors when it's nice. Just keep an eye on the younger ones so you can bring them inside when they show signs of chilling.

After the youngsters have about one week of observing the older ones and getting to know individual temperaments, you can provide chick size openings in the pen so they can begin to mingle with the older chickens. The more access points, the better. I call this the "panic room" method of integration. Chicks as young as two weeks can successfully mingle with large chickens safely with a panic room.

See my article linked below on outdoor brooding for the reasons why this works and pictures of a panic room set-up.

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