Newbie trying to identify and sex adolecents


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I am brand new to chickens

I went to a fur and feather show a few weeks ago, and I bought 6 chickens. I was told they were all hens.

Two white silkies
Two browbn silkies
One Americauna (sp?)
One barred rock

I am trying to figure out first of all, is that what I got? The silkies are fairly easy to identify, but the other two I have no idea. Nobody has laid an egg yet, and I am worrying that I got duped and bought all roosters! I was told that their ages were anywhere from 12-16 weeks. So maybe they are simply too young to lay yet. LOL

If anyone could help identify, I would really appreciate it!




Alright so the white ones are silkies the tan ones are silkies as for the gender id ask the silkie experts. The one in your first pic is your barred rock and appears to be a hen. your Americauna I'm not sure if that is what it is I'm not familure with the breed but if you could get a pic of it from the side that would be more helpful as to sex...looks a little rooish to me but like I said need a better picture.
Your two buff silkies in picture three look like young pullets to me but the white silkies (picture 2 & 5) look like boys to me.
The white silkies look like roos to me too, the Ameracauna looks to be a roo, if they are as young as the ages you mentioned. The buff silkies look like pullets, the barred rock is iffy, I'd heard the barring on Roos is lighter than on hens. The picture seems to show lighter markings. They are all very pretty tho.
The first one is definitely a girl. Am I the only one who is seeing a beard on that pullet? If she does have one she is not full barred rock, but a barred EE. 4 is definitely a roo. As for the silkies sorry I cannot help you I have never owned them.
Yes, I see a small beard/muff too.
The barring doesn't look quite right either, so I'm thinking a Barred Rock/Easter Egger cross. And she's a she.

I don't know how to sex Silkies, but pic 4 looks to be a rooster...

As far as when to expect eggs, the earliest I've gotten eggs is 18 weeks (from some Buff Orpington/Barred Rock crosses).

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