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    I'm feeling like a total idiot.

    We raised 7 hens from chicks (got them from hatchery in April). I'd posted about our four big girls getting stolen from the coop. An acquaintance of a friend had a huge number of young pullets she'd raised from chicks from a hatchery... I've never seen so many chickens in one place. All of the chickens had pecked tailfeathers, and we felt really sorry for one pullet (with no tail feathers) and brought her and another pullet home.

    I am embarrassed to admit we didn't even think about quarantining them. [​IMG] In hindsight, we can see all the reasons for doing so, but at the time, just didn't know. They've been in the coop with our barred rock and two bantam hens for about a week now (we let the older girls free range out of the coop all day, and they are really only together at night, and seem to be integrating fine as far as pecking order). But they've probably passed on anything they might have had.

    So my question is... Anything we should do at this point to protect them all? I'd posted questions about treating the pecked hen and about dusting for mites/etc., but wondering what we can do besides sit and wait and hope? [​IMG]

    I promise we've learned our lesson and will quarantine from now on!

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    Well... if everything is cleaned, if the new addition(s) got dusted for mites (Sevin Dust, re-dust in ten days).... If, depending on the age of all the chickens you have wormed everyone....

    You could get some Tetracycline (Duramycin-10) and add it to the drinking water along with some vitamin/electrolyte solution for a few days?? Three days... 1 tsp. of Duramycin per gallon, with 1/4 tsp. of the vitamin/electrolyte powder as well.. change daily.

    Then, be sure to add Apple Cider Vinegar to the water 1- TBLS per gallon (I do this everyday, in all the water)........ Feed laying pellets, crumble or mash.

    Hold your breath and hope and wait and see... if they are getting along that is part of the battle.

    Good luck.
  3. ChickensAreSweet

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    I would worm them too if it were me (if they are old enough)- and you have to toss eggs for awhile. Just to be safe.
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    Just keep your fingers crossed. [​IMG] Everything may turn out ok.....this time. Good luck.

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    I would not assume the worst. Everything will most likely be fine. If it were me, I would not medicate unless there was a problem. Quarantining is a good precaution to take, I just had a couple birds come out of quarantine, but just because you have new birds doesn't mean they have diseases. Just give them apple cider vinegar and maybe some good probiotic yogurt to keep them all healthy. :)

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