Newbie with rescue chickens, any idea on breeds?


Jun 27, 2022
Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to look at my post! We just adopted 19 chickens from a friend that rescued them from a really bad situation ( they were living in cages in 1 bedroom of a trailer, over 150 of them!) We have always only had Isa Brown hens and now we have a bunch of new friends and we have no idea what age/ breed/ sex they are ( we know one is a silky ) I've given my best shot taking pictures of some of them and any help would be most appreciated! I've numbered some of the pics to try and keep track of who is who. ( getting decent pics of all of them was impossible!)


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How many different breeds are there in that group?
Honestly I'm not sure. There are 4 darker brown/ red ones, 4 lighter tan ones, 3 darker gray ones, 3 gray and white speckled. Then one silky and numbers 4, 7 and 8 are kind of different than the others 🤷‍♀️
Welcome to BYC! :frow

Some I am confident on but these are just my best guesses, as I'm always learning something new.

1. RIR.

2. Black sex link cockerel or barred rock. (I haven't fully figured out how to differentiate those two) Cuckoo Marans is ruled out by the yellow legs, Dominique ruled out by comb type.

3. Rhode Island Red
4. Light Brahma
5. Non bearded white Silkie
6. Australorp
7. red sex link cockerel??
8. Easter Egger perhaps
9. Buff Orpington

Most appear quite young still.. Male specific pointy saddle and hackle feather start to appear around 12 week and usually quite discernible by 16 weeks old.

With guess the breed/gender being one of the best games there is.. I suspect you will still get plenty more feedback!

FWIW.. despite the seemingly terrible conditions you describe.. these birds all look really good. Most show birds are kept in cages especially when being conditioned for show during show season. People who don't understand or haven't faced specific farming type issues may not get why certain things are done certain ways. Maybe lose a little of the judgement as too their "poor" conditions? Thank you for having compassion both towards the birds and also toward their previous keeper! ;)

Best wishes on your new adventure! :wee

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