Newborn Chick Twisting neck and Twitching

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    Newly arrived SLW she is twisting her neck at this weird angle and twitching randomly. Drinking seems to trigger it sometimes but it can come on randomly. Looks like her head is on backwards and she chirps loudly while it's happening.

    No other abnormalities that I can see. When not twisted she moves fine and is active. When twisted she falls easily if bumped or if she tries to move. She is drinking but I haven't witnessed her eating yet but I could have easily missed it. None of the other chicks or ducks that arrived with her show any symptoms.
    Oh and despite looking tiny in the picture she is normal sized just being housed with older chicks.

    Any ideas on cause or treatment? I know I need to confirm that she is eating but I'm not sure what else to do for her.
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    Aug 11, 2016
    From your description of the symptoms, it sounds like it could be wry neck. @Yorkshire Coop's article provides detailed information about the condition, including possible causes and treatments. I would start administering a supplement with vitamins E & B, as well as selenium (per the article), as well as making sure she's not bullied (separate her if needed to keep her safe).

    Best wishes for your chick's recovery!
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