Newborn Chicks But No Starter!


Mar 24, 2018
Could really use the help! I was brooding a couple of hens and our first chick hatched today! I went to the feed store to get starter but they won't have any for 2 more days. Looked everywhere and couldn't find any. I know I should've definitely not waited until the chick was born, but here we are. Feeding it porridge oats now, and mixing it with a little bit of water, but is there anything else/something better I can feed it until the store is open again on Monday (two days from now)?
I use my layer pellets ground up in a pinch (yes, yes, I know you're not supposed to give babies that much calcium bit I've honestly BEVERage problems with chicks or eooaters.earing only that with veggie or fruit scraps and dried bugs to add protien)

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