Newborn Kittens!


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
I'm fostering a pregnant cat for the local animal shelter (she was scheduled to be euthanized the day after I was called to foster her. Thankfully we had the space and ability so we brought her here about a week ago.

My son and I were just letting the ducklings have a swim when we heard some kittens in the other room! She's had 3 babies so far! I'm expecting more. They're all squirming and looking for milk and making the most precious noises. Mama cat is so sweet, purring and kneading while I pet her and being a very diligent mama.

She gave birth on a precarious shelf so I moved her and the babies to a safer box....when Dh gets home from work he'll set up a big wire crate to house them in for now.

I'll post pics when I can take some without stressing her! How exciting! My 2 yr old was able to watch one of the kittens being born. He's still talking about "eating da placenta" LOL
That is wonderful. I fostered for my local cat rescue several times. The first foster wasnt very happy. The mother cat gave birth to 5 kittens. 2 were still born, 1 died the first night, and 1 died at a week old. The last kitten is doing great. The adoptive parents sent me some pictures.

Last fall I also fostered another litter. A mom and 5 kittens who were due to be put to sleep the day after we got them. luckly the rescue decided to take them, and I fostered them. The mother was very sick, she stopped making milk and I had to bottle feed the kittens. In the end, I kept one of the kittens that almost died from pneumonia.
She's had 4 now...I think she *may* be done. All are healthy and thriving so far.
Thats wonderful. Just make sure that she doesnt eat all the placentas, and make sure that all of the placentas are accounted for.

With my first foster, I let her eat as many of the placentas as she wanted, big mistake.

I had her on the carpet nursing the kittens, and she had a nasty spell of diarrhea. Luckly, I had a towel under her butt. It was something nasty, lol.


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